About Us

Chappell’s Home Town Foods has its roots right here in Middle Tennessee! Our founder, Jack Chappell, and his wife Kate would open what was to be the original Chappell’s Cee Bee in a town called Hilltop in Montgomery County in 1962. For the next 2 years, Jack and Kate worked diligently opening and closing that store every day until they were able to open another store at the current site of the Murphy Cee Bee in Charlotte. And then on Labor Day weekend 1966, Jack and Kate opened the first Chappell’s Cee Bee in Dickson at the corner of Main Street and Rickert Avenue. Their legacy has since grown to include the three stores that are currently operating in Dickson County and our newer locations in McEwen (2008) and Centerville (2010), all under the ownership of son James Chappell. 


We truly are a family business. Jack and Kate could be seen working in the stores almost every day until their son James bought the stores in 1993. James and four of his daughters are still actively involved in running the business and making sure our company never outgrows its original mission: To provide friendly and outstanding customer service and fresh and quality products to our communities at the lowest possible prices!


We consider our associates a part of our family. Some have been with our company for over 40 years! Our associates are the face of our business, and their efforts help us to succeed in anything that we set out to do. We strive to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive of all of our employees, and that is realized in the friendly environment that they, in turn, create for our customers.


As was the case in 1962, we continue to strive to offer our customers a courtesy and service that some of the larger grocery chains of today are unable to provide.  We pride ourselves in being customer oriented, where quality service has been our key to success.  Our ambition is to provide our customers with a quality of products and service that surpasses their expectations. Clean, Fresh, and Friendly is the motto that we will continue hang our hat on from now and for the years to come. We genuinely wish to provide you with a wonderful experience in our stores, and we sincerely appreciate your business.